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We recommend that you either select a production or create a new one before searching, although it is not absolutely essential.

You can locate tracks by genre, keywords, tempo and instrumentation. Use the coloured tabs on the search bar, and select keywords and genres that best describe the music you’re looking for.

Yes - in the search bar, click on “advanced search”. Here you can add in a more detailed criterion, including track duration, vocal preferences and music types.

This simply means there are sub-genres - click on the plus sign to see and you’ll see the sub-genres available.

Yes, by clicking on the labels tab on the search bar. This allows you to view music from individual Music Partners

If you can't find the perfect track for your project it's worth dropping us an email with your brief as we have a strong network of labels, publishers and composers that we can reach out to.

- the heart icon allows you to add tracks to a selected playlist

- the blue icon allows you to share the track on social media

- the purple i symbol displays track information

- the scissors icon indicates any edits of other versions of the track

  1. - the shopping trolley adds a track to your shopping cart

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