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Welcome to SoundVault.

We are passionate about music. Our global team are united by the belief that content creators should be able to easily license and sync ‘hit music’ to their videos, and the musicians, song writers and rights holders should be fairly remunerated for their work.

Our technology is innovative helping to build a community within the music and media industries by providing essential tools to license, track and monitor music online. Serving YouTubers, Influencers and User Generated Content (UGC) Creators Worldwide, we help musicians, song writers and rights holders receive their fair share from the billions generated online across IPTV and beyond.

We’re proud to partner with some of the industry’s best labels, publishers and composers, which has enabled us to build a world-class catalogue of original music covering every possible genre available. Our sophisticated search engine streamlines the music discovery process, enabling the user to filter content by genre, mood, tempo and key. Almost all our great tracks are pre-cleared for multiple uses, where a given track is not instantly available, SoundVault makes it simple for you to request and negotiate your preferred tracks.

With SoundVault, we make music discovery and sync licensing to your video content easy, and royalty payments transparent and fair for all.

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