Music Licensing Made Easy

Music Protection Tools

SoundVault provides the technologies necessary to navigate complex rights management issues in music synchronisation(sync), online security, sensitivity monitoring and monetisation.

Brand & Copyright Protection

Highly Accurate Usage Scanning and Tracking Across All IPTV Channels

Audio Visual Scanning & Tracking

  • Monitors and scans videos uploaded to YouTube and other platforms
  • Ultra-fast Digital Fingerprint Recognition checks Content ID against a 70 Million track database for new copyrights and copyright infringements
  • Video Heat Mapping and Content Transcription identifies licensing sensitivities and content violations
  • Differentiates tracks used in editorial content and music videos
  • Unique license key legitimizes music usage for YouTube Content ID and others
  • Tracks channel usage and Territorial Viewership Monitoring
  • Detects and provides full metadata for third-party tracks
  • Identifies licensed and unlicensed track usage
  • Alerts and reports possible copyright infringements

Key Benefit

  • Provides the protective measures, assurance and confidence required by the industry in order to allow for the first time ever popular/hit music to be securely licensed by millions of online video content creators.

Please get in touch for more details on how we protect your music and brand in online content:

My Cue Sheets

Automated Cue Sheet Generator and Tracker

Automated Usage Reporting Process With 100% Accurancy & Transparency

  • Enables audiovisual content creators to automatically document music usage in virtually all media including online, films and TV so rights holders can claim secondary royalties i.e. performance and neighbouring rights
  • Simple workflow and Asset Management Tool for audiovisual content creators
  • Rights holders notified and agree and/or query reported music usage
  • Cue Sheets held in URL archive made accessible to all parties in the value chain (rights holders, production companies, broadcasters, PROs) for full transparency
  • Can be used for music licensed independently or via SoundVault
  • Forecast future revenues based on licensing terms and broadcast journey

MyCueSheets - Workflow:

Video Creator selects and licenses music via SoundVault or other platform with MyCueSheets

  • MyCueSheets automatically generates a cue sheet
  • Right owners are notified how and where their music is used. Potential licensing violations flagged.
  • Rights owners can agree or query usage and issue take down in the case of violation.

Cue sheet given unique URL made accessible to all in the value chain - Rights holders, creators, producers, broadcasters, collection societies and administrators

Key Benefits

  • Replaces outdated and fragmented systems that fail to capture full revenues and exact music usage for the rights holders
  • A Clearing House for sync music

Full MyCueSheets demo available. To find out more please get in touch:

Transparent Reporting

Live Synch Revenue Monitoring and Online Payment Reports

Online Revenue Monitoring

  • Hassle-free & transparent accounting
  • Micro-licensing sync fee aggregator
  • Calculates fee based on viewership and/or ad-revenue generated
  • Automated distribution of sync revenues
  • Revenue and usage statements available via dashboard
  • Helps manage & monetize licensed tracks and flags unlicensed tracks
  • Provides ongoing collection and distribution of sync revenues throughout video lifetime

Key Benefit

  • It is estimated that a high percentage of revenues in the current sync market are not reported, thus revenue not earned (revenue slippage). With SoundVault’s technology you can capture far more data than ever before, and with this data, generate more revenue

Please get in touch for further details and a demo to discover how we ensure you see all data relating to your music, and receive all revenue due to you:

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