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SoundVault is proud to be partnering with some of the greatest and most influential music artists, composers and companies in the business.

If you would like to reach thousands of SoundVault’s fantastic users and become an official Music Partner, SIGN UP today.

New Music Partner journey / steps

  • Sign up as a Music Partner and Complete Registration

    Our music team will review your music to ensure it fits our standards for sync placement and potential. We then send you an invitation to join SoundVault together with our standard music licensing agreement.

  • Music Licensing Agreement

    We believe that musicians, songwriters and right holders should be fairly remunerated for their work, which is why we offer a non-exclusive agreement with an 80/20 split on sync licensing fees.

  • Upload Audio & Metadata Files

    Our music uploader enables you to upload multiple tracks quickly. We also have a comprehensive metadata template designed to capture all of the essential information and rich keyword data

  • Set Prices

    SoundVault gives you the flexibility to set and change your pricing at any time and we are always happy to advise and assist you in this area.

    Your music is now ready to license from SoundVault.

  • Sign Up

    Any questions, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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