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The SoundVault site is intended for use by producers and editors of media that require music and sound effects. The site should be used in the post-production phase of the creation of a programme, film etc. We recommend that as there is a 90 day limit between the regsitration of a production within SoundVault and when its cue sheet has to be completed. Please also note the system requirements of the site.

Basic Workflow for Producers/Editors

We suggest the following basic workflow, which can also be seen in this diagram, when using SoundVault to provide music for a production:

  1. Creation of the production details within SoundVault. Once this is done there is a 90 day limit on completing the cue sheet for the production. The SoundVault tracks for the production will only be fully licensed after the cue sheet is completed. The production details can be added, including the addition of a retail option if that is applicable.
  2. Search for music using the genres and the filter, on the left and right of the main screen, respectively. The search can also be restricted to specific music companies within SoundVault by picking libraries using the selector at the top of the right-hand panel. You can also find edits of tracks by selecting the "show edits" box in the filter.
  3. Preview tracks in the search results using the inbuilt player. This can be done by clicking on the right-facing arrow button beside each track title.
  4. Add tracks to the playlist once suitable ones have been found. This is done by clicking on the plus button, "+", beside each track.
  5. Manage the playlist - you can delete tracks (using the cross button beside each track in the playlist), and import tracks from other playlists. The import tool, at the top of the playlist, also allows tracks from other productions that your company has to be imported into SoundVault.
  6. Buy licenses for tracks in the playlist. This is done by clicking on the "buy" link at the top of the playlist. That will take you into the purchasing process. There will be the options to buy track licenses, a programme license or to use bulk credits to buy tracks. In some cases the options will not apply. For example, bulk credits can only be used with broadcast programming productions. In addition, if you already have a programme license for the production then the tracks will be incorporated under that license.
  7. Download production-quality tracks. After you have completed the purchasing process you will be able to download production-quality versions of the tracks from the playlist by clicking on the downward arrow beside each track.
  8. Edit the cue sheet for the production. You can go to the cue sheet for the production by using the tools menu, below Production, in the main screen or by going to Company productions under My Profile and then clicking on the "cue sheet" link beside the production you require. Cue lines can be inserted, deleted and moved (using the drag and drop grey area on the left of each line). You also have the ability to include cue lines for tracks that were not obtained from SoundVault. Prior to completion of the cue sheet you can, of course, search for additional tracks, purchase licenses for them and then resume editing your cue sheet.
  9. Complete the cue sheet for the production. You will be asked to complete some basic details about where the production will be first broadcast or performed. We and our music suppliers need that information for auditing purposes.

Other Important Elements in SoundVault

The above workflow can be extended by using the following elements:

  • Addition of a retail option to a production. If the production is going to be sold as a DVD or download, say, then it will need to have a retail option added to it. That is done by editing the production and choosing the appropriate number of retail copies that will be produced.
  • Purchase of bulk credits. For broadcast programming, you have the option to purchase bulk credits which will offer a discount on track licenses. These may be useful if you intend to use a large quantity of SoundVault tracks across a number of productions. This may be particularly suitable, for example, if you produce promotions and interstitials. To purchase bulk credits for your company please go to "Bulk track license credits" under My Profile.
  • Creation of a reversioned production. A reversion is a production that has been slightly altered from an original one. A reversion may not contain any more SoundVault tracks than the original. The reversion facility is useful as it allows you to license SoundVault tracks for an edit of a production at only half the cost. To reversion a production, please go to Company productions under My Profile and click on "reversion" beside the production. However, please note that only complete or expired productions may be reversioned.

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