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Pascal Brunkow
Thomas Quillfeldt interviews Swiss composer, producer, engineer, studio and label manager Pascal Brunkow about his approach, his gear and what aspiring composers can do to up their game. Recent clients of Brunkow’s include reggae/dub legend Lee “Scratch” Perry.
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Mark Sayer-Wade
Mark Sayer-Wade is one of the UK’s most successful composers and producers. His credits include recording and producing the BBC single Perfect Day and writing the music for hit many hit TV series including ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and ‘Where The Heart Is’. He’s also a prolific producer of commercials and ident packages, who’s worked for brands including Diet Coke, French Connection, Sky and the BBC. As a proud member of SoundVault’s composer community, who better to share his experience and wisdom. We caught up with him from his studio near Henley on Thames in England…
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