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Uploading: Audio Files and Metadata

We strongly recommend that you upload WAV files. These should be at a sample rate of at least 44.1KHz (16 or 24 bit sample). If you only have mp3 files they should be encoded at 320kbps.

It is not essential but we recommend that you upload any instrumental versions if you have them as this will appeal to a wider client base

No limits at all and we encourage you to upload new music.

Metadata is simply the information relating to each track. The key is to provide rich descriptive metadata so that your music can be found during searches. We advise that tracks have a captivating and accurate description too as this can help when buyers are filtering tracks. The more information you can supply the better! Metadata also contains important details about your track such as the writer(s) and their CAE/IPI code(s) as well as publishers, labels, and ISRCs. Supplying us with this information ensures that when music is used it is correctly reported so that rights holders can be accurately paid. 

This is the Interested Parties Information code and is often referred to as the CAE (Composers, Authors and Editors/publishers) number. The CAE/IPI is an international identification code assigned to songwriters and publishers. Upon registering with a PRO you should automatically be assigned a CAE/IPI code.

Be sure the read each step of the process carefully and ensure you're uploading the correct file type. Once the track is uploaded make sure you complete all of the mandatory fields relating to your metadata - please make sure that the audio file name (including extension .wav or .mp3) exactly match the files you've uploaded. 

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