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Cue Sheets

You have 90 days from when a production was created before it expires. You must complete the cue sheet within that 90-day limit or the music licences for that production will become void.

B - Background music: incidental music in the background that is solely for the benefit of the audience (not heard by characters in the production). Often synced with dialogue or dubbed with sound effects as well as the normal production audio

F - Featured music: refers to music that falls into one or more of the following categories

1. music performed by one of the characters (sung, whistled, hummed etc.) or music that can be heard by characters in a scene (e.g. music being played in a restaurant).

2. music performed in music video clips

3. music performed 'on camera' as part of the scene (e.g. a band/artist performing in the scene)

S - Signature music: often the main theme or reoccurring brand sound for the production

M - Sponsorship music: used for advertising products

Four-way directional arrow: enables you to reorder/rearrange the cue lines using a drag and drop method

Paper icon: reveals track information

+ icon: enables you to insert a cue line

Pencil icon: enables you to edit any non-SoundVault tracks

X icon: enables you to delete a cue line from the cue sheet

The additional information is necessary for auditing requirements and so that our Music Partners can trace where their music has been used and broadcast.

Yes, you can save the cue sheet in either CSV or XML format, by using the buttons at the bottom of the cue sheet. You can also print the cue sheet.

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