Music Licensing Made Easy

Welcome to the FAQ page!

Getting Started

When you sign up for a SyncVault subscription we automatically give you a free trial for the first month.

You’ll have full access to all our music and sound effects and can publish an unlimited number of productions on your social channels. Don’t forget to make sure they are correctly linked in your account. Full details here.

Following the trial period your subscription will automatically renew with the monthly subscription price agreed at the time of commencing the trial. However, you can cancel 24 hours before the subscription is due to renew and you will not be charged.

Log in to your SyncVault account and navigate to the Channel Management section in My Profile. In another tab or window navigate to your YouTube channel and right click on the name then select ‘copy link address’. Paste this into the YouTube field in the Channel Management section of your SyncVault account and then click ‘Save’.

Receipts for your subscription can be found in the My Profile section.

To reset your password please click ‘forgotten password’ in the login window.

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