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Licences and Payments

Yes! Your subscription covers the use of music for podcasts.

Yes! SyncVault music is cleared for use on Facebook and Instagram. Please remember to add your social channels to your subscription.

The Creator subscription only covers the use of music in personal channels. If you wish to use music in a corporate or commercial channel, or if you manage multiple channels then you'll need to select our Commercial subscription plan.

Yes! You can view our Terms of Services, Privacy Policy, and End User Licensing Agreement - links to these are located in the footer.

Nothing! Each time you download a song for final use from the site, it is licensed in perpetuity. This means any song you license and use in projects you create while you’re a SyncVault member remain legally licensed forever. However you are not able to create new projects using SyncVault songs if you are do not have an active subscription.

You can cancel whenever you’d like, but you are responsible for cancelling before your subscription renews. A refund will not be issued for failure to cancel.

Yes.  Talent Scout subscription is completely free with no credit card required and gives creators the opportunity to use brand new music.  New releases are updated regularly.  All tracks are available for a limited period only. 

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